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    A week ago today, I walked into a billion dollar automobile company on a request for a proposal about how to change their corporate culture with my signature alignment system.

    Wow! It was quite the opportunity and it validated one thing: It doesn’t matter if you are a billion dollar company, a mom with a dream or anywhere in between! To truly connect outward, we must be aligned inward.

    So many of you filled out the survey I sent out or have emailed me about what you need! I heard you and that is why for the first time ever, I’m GIVING you access to my Signature “ALIGNED FOR GROWTH – 6 Point Alignment Strategy” for FREE!

    Are you READY to:

    Start a new BUSINESS aligned with your purpose?
    Create CONTENT and a BRAND that really connects to your customer/client?
    Have a PLAN that will launch you to the next level with 20% to 100% growth?
    Become the CEO of your life/business?

    If you said YES!,

    -> DOWNLOAD My “ALIGNED FOR GROWTH GUIDE” NOW and get ACCESS to a 3-Part Video Training that will take you through all 6 points and leave you with a STRATEGY and a PLAN.

    Aligned for Growth Guide

    This 6 part strategy is exactly like the one I would use with large companies and my individual clients before we work on creating content or a laying out a business plan. This is where you need to START in order to GROW!

    Julie Serot“Andrea helped me turn a blank slate of confusion into a structured program that I felt so excited about. She helped me identify my core teaching elements and package them into a program, with accompanying branding and marketing, that was exciting and enticing! She was SO enjoyable to work with, so compassionate and intuitive. She cleverly took what I wanted and repackaged it into content that she knew would sell and be easily received. I would absolutely recommend that everyone who is seeking clarity on their programs and packaging give Andrea’s coaching a go because she will create an energy of momentum that is sure to propel you into profits!” – JULIE SEROT | JULIESEROT.COM
    Tera Maxwell“Working with Andrea gave me the clarity about my program. She was able to dissect what I really wanted to teach and create a plan that resonated with me. That excitement about my program and clarity translates to more sales. I love carving out the time to work with her each month since I know we will brainstorm content. It gives me peace of mind. I highly recommend Andrea.” – TERA MAXWELL | TERAMAXWELL.COM
    Georgette Star“During my first session with Andrea, I felt confused and challenged to move forward with my Course design and the clock was ticking!!! By the end of that meeting we had processed through a block I didn’t even know I had and set forth a clear plan that lights me up! Andrea’s wealth of experience and her focused, compassionate,creative presence made this possible. Now I can move from vision into action!!!” – GEORGETTE STAR | MAIDENSPIRIT.COM
    Marcie Peters“Andrea Allen is a wonderful content-creation partner! Working with Andrea to develop a presentation and e-course made my life so much easier. Her process of guiding me through content development, while providing clarity, insight, and accountability, turned a long, arduous task into something much more manageable and even fun. Andrea is precise, sharp, efficient, and will get you there! Plus, she is a joy to work with!” – MARCIE PETERS | THEHEALTHANDHAPPINESSGUIDE.COM

    –> I’m READY

    See you soon!

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